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Moda Lisboa

The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic and creative sectors in the world, where innovation and artistic expression come together to create something unique. Moda Lisboa is one of the most important events in Portugal's fashion calendar.
roselyn Silvas na Moda Lisboa com uma sua saia africana verde da sua autoria

Roselyn Silva, our dedicated CEO, is known for her commitment to innovation and creativity in every aspect of her life. By attending Moda Lisboa as a spectator, she reinforces her support for these values in the fashion industry. Her presence at the event is testimony to her genuine interest and active involvement in this area, not just as a business leader, but as an appreciator of the art and culture that fashion represents.

During Moda Lisboa, Roselyn had the opportunity to observe emerging trends in fashion, which is key to keeping our company at the forefront of consumer preferences. By being present at the fashion shows and designer presentations, she can capture first-hand the nuances of the new collections, styles and concepts that will influence the industry in the coming months.

As well as being a showcase for fashion, Moda Lisboa is a space for making valuable connections. Roselyn Silva took the opportunity to connect with other industry leaders, designers and influential professionals. These connections can open doors to future collaborations and partnerships that will benefit our company.

Moda Lisboa is not just a fashion event; it is a celebration of art and creative expression, and Roselyn Silva's presence highlights the importance of these values in our brand.

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