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About us

CEO and designer, Roselyn Silva creator of Roselyn Silva Brand. African-inspired Luxury Brand dressed in one of her skirt with a green african print and a white blouse

Born in São Tomé and Príncipe, she has lived in Portugal since the age of four. Her origins are always present in her mind and constantly influence her creations, through the vibrant colors, the infinite sea she knows and the starry sky that only a virgin island like São Tomé can offer.


Her work has a perfect Afro-European fusion in its genesis and is a reflection of her own personality. She has proved to be a talented woman, not only in fashion but also in the field of communication.


She has presented a television program on fashion and has also taken part in various entrepreneurship events and conferences as a speaker. Always with an eye on global fashion, Roselyn has noticed the strong African influence and inspiration in the big international shows and so she tries to outdo herself by reinventing traditional African design and adapting it to her European reality. Her creations are all exclusive and each piece is thought out in detail, both in the fusion of patterns and in the cut, using top quality materials and unique patterns.This is her great passion and she believes this is her life's project.


Roselyn Silva has won over the Portuguese, particularly fado singer Mariza, actress Cláudia Vieira and presenters Leonor Poeiras and Júlia Pinheiro, who have all fallen in love with her creations.Proof of this are the many national and international celebrities who wear it regularly.It has become a benchmark brand for its excellence, daring, innovation and, above all, for valuing African design at the highest level.

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