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Forbes Portugal - "The Power of Conversations"

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

In the business world, the ability to communicate effectively is a fundamental skill.

Roselyn Silva, CEO of Roselyn Silva's luxury clothing brand with Nilza Rodrigues, editorial director of Forbes Portugal at Forbes Women's Summit

The pursuit of excellence in the business world is not just about leading, but also about learning from the best. Recently, our CEO, Roselyn Silva, had the honour of participating in the Forbes Women's Summit, where she attended the talk "The Power of Conversations". In this talk, top names from the Forbes Portugal rankings linked to social media, such as Margarida Corceiro, Mia Rose and Rita Pereira, shared their views on how communication can impact business.

The Forbes Women's Summit is an inspiring event that brings together influential women from different sectors to discuss crucial issues that shape the world of business and leadership. This year, the talk "The Power of Conversations" attracted a diverse audience interested in learning from those who have made a name for themselves in social and digital media.

One of the central topics of the talk was the need to adapt one's speech to the various generations that follow social networks. Margarida Corceiro, Mia Rose and Rita Pereira shared their strategies for connecting with audiences of different ages. Something that our CEO, Roselyn Silva, recognised as important since the different generations have different perspectives and expectations and adaptability is essential to reach a broad and diverse audience.

Another topic discussed at the talk was how to deal with negative comments on social media. Margarida Corceiro, Mia Rose and Rita Pereira shared their approaches to this common situation.

The participation of our CEO, Roselyn Silva, in the Forbes Women's Summit and her presence at the talk "The Power of Conversations" were moments of learning and inspiration. Her reflections on adapting speech to different people are valuable lessons that can be applied in our company.

We thank Forbes Portugal for providing this opportunity to learn from influential leaders and we hope to incorporate these insights into our approaches to communication and engagement with our audience.

Portuguese influencers at Forbes Women's Summit

speakers at forbes women's summit

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